Tuesday 19 February 2013

Define Yourself

I am so sick and so tired of the American weight societial acceptance. I am so tired of hearing everyone being unhappy with their weight, their body shape, their body mass and complaining! Jesus H Christ. Everyone complains. Everyone spends thousands of dollars into weight loss surgey, pills, diets, perscriptions, TV commericals, and what ever else. And at the end of the day, they are still unhappy with their weight. Everyone is striving to have that "perfect look" but that "perfect look" doesn't exist. That perfection we see is women covered in make up, fix its, slimmers, photoshop, covergirl and louis vittoun. The women in Western society are held to such a high standard.
The idea that once you reach that ideal weight, you will be happy. Your life will be complete. You will be perfect.
Life isn't based on your looks, body weight or BMI. Marriages and children aren't deservable only to those who are perfectly fit. Successful careers do not happen to those who are deemed attractive by society.
Personal accomplishments depend on the individual. It's up to you to make your life worthwhile. It's up to you to accept your body for the way it is and be happy with yourself.
For example:  My Body is...
- 5 foot 9
- large boned
- 90 kgs
- thick legs
- pear shaped
- medium hair
- Eastern European Ethnicity
And I'm not perfect. I am not skinny! I am cury and thick! I am not deemed sexy to society. I do not compete with the models you see in magazines. I am anything but perfect.
And I'm ok with it. I accept my body for the way it is.
What is a life when you are constantly trying to change your body and your life? Always looking for something better. "If I am a size 5, then ..... will happen."
"If I am a size 5 then.... I will be happy, I will have a boyfriend, I will be lucky, I will be rich, I will be fun, I will be outgoing... "
At the end of the day, you are who you are! Nothing is going to change that. Weight doesn't matter.
I've had boyfriends.
I've gone to parties.
I have tons of friends.
I am outgoing.
I am fun.
I eat ice cream.
I like McDonalds.
I excercise.
I do what I want to. And I enjoy every minuet of it.
I love myself for who I am, all 90kgs of me.
I'm tired of seeing weight loss shows and advertisments to encourage people to "Live their life and LOSE FAT"
Living your life can be done at any size!
Falling in love is open for everyone!
Everyone is different!
Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
Some people have high metabolisms, some have slow ones (like me!).
Some people are naturally slim and small boned
Some people are naturally thick and large boned
Everyone is different.
People are like fruits (don't call me crazy)
Some are hairy like a kiwi
Some are orange like an orange
Some are curvy like a pear
Some are straight like a bannana
Some are small like a strawberry
Some are huge like a watermelon
But they are all fruits and they are all delicioius!
I wish I could put some presure on the women of our society to tell them to love themselves. That's all that counts.
Love your body
Love your shape
Love your weight
Love you
And everything else will fall into place

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